Sunday, May 29, 2011

External usb hdd WD Elements - avoid spindown

Update: I got a new workaound here: External usb hdd WD Elements - avoid spindown -- #2

I've got an external 2.5", 500G USB HDD from WesternDigital
- this one:
Without being accessed, it spins down after 5-10s (seconds, not minutes!) automatically.
This behavior seems to be hardcoded in the hardware/firmware by WD and cannot be changed (if anyone knows better, please leave a comment). It can be very annoying, for example when starting a file manager or open a 'save as...'-dialog etc. because the hard drive has to spin up every time adding a delay of some seconds until the dialog appears. The same happens when reading or writing at a low speed (let's say ~ <10KiBytes/s) - the drive spins up and down multiple times a minute.

A dirty workaround is to keep the drive busy by touching and syncing in a short interval.

A quick way to do this via commandline:
while [ 1 ]; do echo "touch at - `date`"; touch /media/WD_500G_NTFS/tempfile; sleep 5s; sync; done
A bit nicer with the following script:

edit: inserted link to new post.

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